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Technical specification for push notifications:

Logo: 194×194 Main image: 1200×800


Title: up to 30 characters

Message: up to 45 characters

Best practices for sending push notifications:

Pay attention to the title and message to make them short and concise, but at the same time contain important information for the user.

Use clear and attention-grabbing images that represent the product or service you want to advertise.

Remember to tailor the notification to the appropriate target group. Ensure that the header and content are consistent with the content and offer.

Use as many creative and attractive images as possible to grab the user’s attention.

Create different types of designs to avoid monotony.

Remember, the more creativity and images you use in the campaign, the better its results will be.

Examples of push notification content: E-commerce:

“New promotions for you!”

Sport: “Live coverage! | England-France match!”

Travel: “Don’t wait! | Book your dream vacation now!”

Finance: “Check the balance | Your account is too expensive.”

Technology: “New product in store! | Check now.”

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