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Mailing – Technical Specification

  1. ResolutionThe mailing width should not exceed 550px
  2. WeightThe weight of the whole creation should be up to 50KB
  3. TopicThe topic should consist of 50-70 characters (including periods, commas, spaces, etc.) Use as few exclamation points, question marks, colons, semicolons etc. and words starting with a capital letters as possible. You should completely abandon the use of the percent sign, currency signs, etc.
  4. Character encodingThe safest way is to use coding:
    – UTF-8 (międzynarodowe); np:<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />(Best way is to prepare UTF-8 and ISO encoding as some publishers require the latter)
  5. Prohibited and problematic elementsHTML for emails is much poorer than that for websites. Therefore, the use of these is forbidden:
    • php,
    • java scripts and applets,
    • flash animations,
    • floating frames (iframe),
    • animated graphics (gif),
    • backgrounds as graphics,
    • padding, margin or justification for SPAN tags
    • document background color (defined in the BODY tag)
    • external and internal css styles (defined in the head section)
    • Mailing should be built on the “TABLE” element not on “DIV”
  6. Mailing componentsAll components of the mailing (graphic files, texts, HTML files) must be forwarded two days in advance from the scheduled campaign start as ready-made advertising materials.
  7. In addition to the constituent materials of the creation, you should provide:
    • sender: PUBLISHER for (name of customer ordering)
    • return address
    • Footer – formatted text without unnecessary characters, enters and spaces
    • e-mail addresses to which the test mailing should be sent, mailing tests must be confirmed the day before the scheduled start
  8. Naming convention
    • The creative should be zipped: * .zip
    • The creative should have naming convention, e.g. empik20090701_v1
      In the case of sending corrections (subsequent versions of the creation), the name should
      Look like this: empik20090701_v2, empik20090701_v3 …
    • The material must be a full HTML code compatible with W3C.
  9. The most common sources of errors
    • Setting graphics with height or width of 1px (spacers) and “stretching it” with the width or height properties, will result in an incorrect size setting in Outlook2007
    • Block elements in HTML u, such as: in Outlook 2007, have a default padding so it is recommended to reset the settings in global styles.
    body {padding:0;margin:0;}for the graphics in the code we setimg {display:block;}lack of this entry results in pixel-sized spacing in Outlook ExpressAll graphics should contain a “zero border” set in the form border=”0″
    for example:<img src=”grafika.jpg” border=”0″>

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