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Case Study: How Volvo Won the Super Bowl Advertising Race without milions $

Case Study: How Volvo Won the Super Bowl Advertising Race without milions $

Volvo’s goal was to draw attention to their brand during one of the biggest media events of the year, the Super Bowl, while competing with other major brands. They wanted to show how much they care about their customers and increase brand awareness. Their strategy was to capitalize on the advertising momentum during the Super Bowl and introduce an interesting Twitter campaign to attract customers. This way, Volvo was able to showcase its brand to a wide audience.

Campaign objective

The aim of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. To achieve this, Volvo organized a Twitter contest. All users had to do was tweet with the hashtag #VolvoContest, nominating someone close to them during the airing of another car manufacturer’s advertisement during the Super Bowl. After receiving a response from the brand, users filled out a short nomination form explaining why their nominee deserved a new Volvo XC60. As a result, Volvo was able to generate interest from new customers and generate additional earned media.

Campaign results

Thanks to the Twitter campaign and a strong social media presence, Volvo was able to achieve many additional benefits. The campaign earned over 230 million impressions worth more than $44 million. During the Super Bowl, the #VolvoContest hashtag was the most frequently used automotive-related hashtag, and Volvo was mentioned over 114,000 times on Twitter. The campaign resulted in over 55,000 tweets during the game and a 70.7% increase in XC60 model sales in February compared to the previous year.

The media also went crazy:


The Volvo campaign shows how to use an innovative approach to advertising and increase brand awareness. It’s enough to focus on people and show that they care. By using Twitter, Volvo was able to attract customers during one of the biggest media events of the year and gain new customers.

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