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How to create PopUps that sell like crazy?

How to create PopUps that sell like crazy?

In today’s world, effective online advertising is crucial. It is hard to imagine a business that operates without an online presence. One of the most popular promotional tools are PopUp messages. Although many internet users complain about them, when designed well and used skillfully, they can be extremely effective. To put it another way, if you want to increase conversions by 25%, you can either increase your advertising budget by 25% or add a PopUp. Which one do you choose? If you have already answered YES to PopUps, let’s move on to the topic of how to create a PopUp that will be well received by customers, not irritate them, and at the same time effectively sell.

1. Define the goal of your PopUp

The most important step in creating an effective PopUp is to determine the goal you want to achieve. Do you want to acquire email addresses from potential customers, increase sales, or encourage them to take advantage of a promotion? Only after determining the goal will we be able to design an appropriate PopUp.

2. Consider the visual aspect of the PopUp

Another important aspect is the visual side of our window. It should be visually attractive but not exaggerated. Too intense colors or an excess of graphics can deter customers and effectively discourage them from further browsing the page. Let’s also ensure that the content is clear – it should be understandable, short, and unambiguous. Regarding the visual aspect, it is worth mentioning that graphics on the PopUp should be as light as possible because it is supposed to display instantly on any device 🙂

3. Don’t block the entire page

It is essential that the PopUp does not block the entire page. Pay attention to ensuring that the customer has the ability to freely browse the remaining sections of the page while still being inclined to take advantage of the offer. The PopUp should not be intrusive and overly pushy. Great places for PopUps are corners of the page and the bottom/top bar.

4. Customize the offer to the target audience

The PopUp should be tailored to the target group. Let’s pay attention to the fact that the offer for older people should be designed differently than for younger recipients. Customizing the PopUp to the target audience will increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

5. Don’t let yourself be known as a spammer

Let’s not be known as a spammer. PopUp windows are often associated with annoying ads that appear on the screen for no reason and block access to content. To avoid this situation, pay attention to ensuring that the PopUp appears only once at a specified time and in a non-invasive place, such as a top bar or in the corner, as mentioned earlier. This will allow for longer exposure of the user to the message and more interaction.

6. Pay attention to the display time of the PopUp

The display time of the PopUp is crucial. Often, when we enter a website, the first thing we see is bah! Cookies, Rodo and a newsletter PopUp. The result is that the user didn’t even have a chance to see our offer and is already annoyed. Let’s avoid this approach. The PopUp should be triggered at certain moments, such as:

Time on page – If the average time on your website is, for example, 48 seconds, one of the triggers may be that the user session has already lasted for 46 seconds.

Engagement – Here, we can take into account scrolling through the Landing Page, the number of page views, or whether a person is a new/returning user.

Intent – This is a more advanced option because, with BigData, we can predict the user’s intention and suggest their next move on our site or simply set conditions such as displaying an Exit PopUp if they want to close the site.

My favorite PopUp trigger is “if the mouse is on the button for more than a second – display popup”. This is the moment when the user is considering whether to go to “Contact” and at this point, you can appeal to their curiosity with “Wondering why choose us?”. It is the perfect moment for a salesman – in the form of a PopUp.

The second aspect is the lifespan of the message. Too short a time may result in the customer not having enough time to familiarize themselves with the offer, while too long a time may result in the PopUp becoming annoying. It is worth noting that the PopUp should be displayed when the user is willing to use the offer.

7. Propose a valuable offer

The PopUp must offer a valuable proposition. It is worth considering what is most important to our customers and how we can help them. The offer should be unique and tailored to our target audience’s needs.

8. Create the appropriate content

The appropriate content of the PopUp is the key to success. The content should be concise, unambiguous, and directed to the target group. Attention should be paid to ensure that the content is well thought out and attention-grabbing.

Another important aspect is that it should not require too much from the user. A PopUp with many fields to fill out just scares them away.

9. Pay attention to the PopUp’s position

The PopUp’s position on the page also matters. It is best to place it in places where the user spends the most time, e.g., on a blog, at the end of an article, or when placing an order (UpSell). It is important that the PopUp is noticeable but does not hinder browsing the site.

10. Test and analyze results

The last but equally important step is testing and analyzing results. It is worth conducting A/B tests, which will allow us to compare the effectiveness of different versions of the PopUp. Analyzing the results will allow us to accurately determine the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and make any necessary adjustments.


Creating an effective PopUp is a process that requires proper preparation and consideration of every aspect. It is important to remember that PopUps are an effective advertising tool but only when well-designed and skillfully used. Pop-up windows cannot be intrusive and annoying to users but should attract attention and encourage them to use the offer. If we follow the above guidelines, we can create a PopUp that effectively sells our products and services.

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